The Oracle of the Nine Gates

The Copper Sylk welcomes you to her garden.

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A Forest of Love, a garden of life, a river of lust, a desert of strife, treasures you keep, pleasures you take, in passionate moments beware the promises you make, for each has beauty in some form, learn their paths, which ones are new, which ones are worn, then ask for a guide to lead you home and a friend when you need to roam, take time to dance and to play, and always thank those lessons and gifts others have left for you along the way.

The Copper Sylk's first message, to the Furiians, from the Oracle of the Nine Gates.

Image Copyright � Meilin Wong. Used with permission


What is the Copper Sylk, you ask?

Well, the Copper Sylk, according to Furiian Legend, is a guiding spirit of pleasure and fortune. She will lead you to fortunes, pleasures, and adventures, but its up to you to make the journey. She makes no judgements upon you except to wish you the best and you decided what is proper for you and your tribal members.  Remember, though Respect of the Gift giver should be honored appropriately.

This page will show you the paths to help you on your quest.

The Copper Sylk shows The Way of Golden Fortunes that pay.

Or perhaps you seek...

Pleasures and comforts that delight, whether they're wanted by day or needed at night.

The Copper Sylk invites you to see wonders of luxury and pleasures for ecstasy.


The Oracles of the Nine Gates bid the wizened members entry. If Yea not be a marplot, then Yea are welcome.